Zooey the Zookeeper
Zooey Original
1 Day Cost 6
7 Day Cost 37
28 Day Cost 134
Bonus +12% Xp

Zooey is a lovable character who takes care of your animals, giving them hugs and all the affection they need so they stay happy. Just click on her and watch her go!

The Many Faces of ZooeyEdit

In addition to being the cuddling assistant, Zooey is featured in many aspects of ZooMumba. Her many appearances are pictured below.

African Safari
Anniversary Zooey
Asian Zoey B
Elf Zooey
Nurse Zooey
Witch Zooey
Ocean Zooey
Picnic Zooey
Asian Zooey A
Waitress Zooey
Party Zooey
Zooey Winter

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