Water Habitat
Availability Zoo Shop
Area 4 Tiles
Level Unlocked 2 L
Cost 100 PP
Build Time 00:00:30 T
Build Instantly 5 ZD
Resale Value 20 PP
Attractiveness 0 Att
Base XP Level 100% Xp

Splish, splash! Water is so much fun. It's no wonder that this habitat is so loved: Flamingos, fish and other aquatic animals can all live here.



First Upgrade


Second Upgrade


Third Upgrade


Fourth Upgrade

Water CollectionEdit

Water isn't just home to fish but also the habitat of many birds and mammals.

Reward: 3,000 xp or 30 pawprints

WaterA Water Habitat: Water is essential to living for almost all living creatures. The human body is composed of over 60% water.
WaterB Sailboat: Sailboats are relatively small boats and are mainly propelled by the wind.
WaterC Diving Goggles: Wearing goggles under water makes everything look closer and bigger. This is due to light refraction.
WaterD Lifebuoy: Fish often confuse lifebuoys with donuts and often come up to nibble on them.
WaterE Frog: In their early stages of development, frogs still have tails, but they slowly disappear later.

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