Acquired From Zoo Shop, WOF
Level Unlocked 15 L
Habitat Capacity 2 Adults 1 Baby
Stars Star
Attractiveness 23 Att ?? Baby
Cost 1,100 PP
Resale (Adult) 220 PP
Food Type Fish
Feed 594 Xp  ?? T
Water 594 Xp  ?? T
Groom 161 Xp  ?? T
Cuddle 15 Xp  ?? T
Medicine 3 units  ?? T
Breeding Attempt 20,000 PP 13:00:00 T
Adoption Fee 23 ZD
XP Per Baby 2,500 Xp
Resale (Baby) 4,000 PP

This large flippered marine mammal likes to crack open mussels with its mighty ivory tusks and then to eat them. It takes approx. 3,000 to 6,000 mussels to fill up a walrus. The walrus also likes to gobble fish ... good thing is it doesn't take quite as many to fill up its belly.

Experience Bonus XPBonusEdit

A +10% experience bonus is applied to walruses housed in the following habitats:

Water · Ice · Snow · Halloween · Christmas · Valentine's · Easter · Anniversary

Attractiveness Bonus AttBonusEdit

A +10% attractiveness bonus is applied to walruses housed in the following habitats:

Savanna · Desert · Cliffs · Bamboo Grove Habitat · Swamp · Tundra · Wasteland · Forest · Terrarium · Crypt

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