The tundra is a tough place to live, but animals are expert adapters. It may be cold, but its grassy and mossy vegetation keeps animals alive and tastes wonderful!



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Tundra CollectionEdit

Reward: 3,000 Xp or 1 Birch branch

  • The tundra is also known as the cold steppe. It is the transitional zone between the Arctic's frozen lands and northern coniferous forests. Reindeer, arctic foxes or arctic hares can be found here.
TundraA Tundra: With the tundra covered in permafrost (e.g. in polar regions), you should make sure to always bundle up.
TundraB Peat: Peat is an accumulation of decayed organic matter. It is found above all in mires and is often used as a fuel.
TundraC Shovel: The tundra has soft bogsnand is also covered in very hard permafrost. A good shovel for each type of soil is therefore a definite must.
TundraD Hood: The Inuit often live in the Tundra. They're easy to spot thanks to their warm and furry hoods.
TundraE Moss: Mosses, lichens and shrubs grow in the tundra. These plants are very resilient and can survive in any environment.