Snow Habitat
Availability Zoo Shop
Area 4 Tiles
Level Unlocked 1 L
Cost 100 PP
Build Time 00:00:06 T
Resale Value 20 PP
Attractiveness 0 Att
Base XP Level 100% Xp

Enjoy the beauty of a pristine snow-covered landscape. Animals with fur coats will feel right at home!



First Upgrade


Second Upgrade


Third Upgrade


Fourth Upgrade

Snow CollectionEdit

Many animals live in the snow, especially the ones with nice and thick fur.

Reward: 3,000 Xp or 30 pawprints

SnowA Animals that live in the snow habitat often have soft white fur.
SnowB It's always better to build snowmen with sticky snow because powdery snow is too fluffy.
SnowC You can make a sled go even faster by rubbing wax on the underside.
SnowD A small bell is hidden inside every winter hat to help attract birds for people to feed them.
SnowE If the temperature is just right, then ice crystals form big cotton-ball-sized snowflakes.

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