The Settings icon allows players to change various technical aspects of gameplay. Settings are applied to the account, not the local machine, so they are remembered by the game, even if a player logs in on a different computer.

Account SettingsEdit

The account settings tab allows you to change your login information, such as your username, your password, and the email account associated with your ZooMumba account.


The configuration tab allows players to tweak the game according to their desires. Several features which make the game more immersive and fun can be switched off to make the game run more smoothly. Sound settings can also be fine-tuned.


  • Quality: Graphics quality can be set either low, medium, or high. Setting them to low helps to accelerate the game on a slower computer, but gives some aspects a jagged appearance.
  • Tool Tips: Players can toggle whether or not they want these helpful and descriptive messages to appear when they hover over various aspects of the game.
  • Visitors: Disabling visitors from appearing along zoo paths may make a zoo seem empty, but it also helps to make the game less laggy for slower computers.
  • Visitor Wishes: The thought bubbles which appear above visitors' heads can help players realize what their zoo might be missing. Removing them may help with lag.
  • Cache Memory: This option allows some of the game data to be stored on a player's computer, which could potentially allow the game to load or operate more quickly.


Every animal in the game has a few comical animation sequences which they perform from time to time. Typically the male, female, and baby animals each have their own special animations. Turning this feature off can improve game speed, but there are also three "in-between" settings so players can adjust as they'd like.


While there is a mute button which can be toggled without ever having to click into the Configuration tab, here, players can choose whether they want to hear in-game music, sound effects, both, or neither.


Mute Toggle: Players can choose whether or not sound is on with this button. They don't have to

Full Screen Toggle: The player can have a more immersive experience, removing the borders around the game screen and the web browser borders as well.

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