Savanna Habitat
Availability Zoo Shop
Area 4 Tiles
Level Unlocked 8 L
Cost 100 PP
Build Time 00:02:00 T
Build Instantly 5 ZD
Resale Value 20 PP
Attractiveness 0 Att
Base XP Level 100% Xp

The sizzling temperatures of the savanna provide the perfect living conditions for animals from the continent of Africa. They thrive on the hot, hot heat!



First Upgrade


Second Upgrade


Third Upgrade


Fourth Upgrade

Savanna CollectionEdit

Reward: 3,000 Xp or 1 Shaman mask

  • Zebras, wildebeests and buffalo as well as fhinos and elephants roam the fertile grounds of the savanna. Lions and leopards also hunt for prey here.
SavannaA Savanna: The savannah stretches between tropical rainforests and the desert. The name itself means something like "vast plain".
SavannaB Flames: Fire plays an important role in the ecosystem of savanas: parts of dead plants are removed and nutrients are returned through a natural process also known as remineralization.
SavannaC Africa: One of the most famous savannas is located in Africa: the Serengeti.
SavannaD Termite Hill: The most common herbivore by far in the savanna belongs to the insect family. Ants and termites clean up the savanna.
SavannaE Savanna Tree: With its thick trunk and soft wood, the Baobab can store lots of water. Who would have thought that the trunk can measure up to 20 metres in circumference!

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