The Main Zoo is the primary play area. The Main Zoo consists of a number of tiles where Habitats, Buildings, Decorations, and other structures, such as the Breeding Lab and Animal Nursery, can be placed.


Players can expand the main zoo, increasing the number of tiles by achieving certain player levels, or by paying zoo dollars. A secondary area, the Secret Zoo, can be unlocked after the Main Zoo is expanded three times. The Secret Zoo has its own expansions.

Special OffersEdit

Zoo Expansion
Occasionally, temporary offers are available via the Specials tab of the Zoo Shop, which allow players to pay a one-time fee of 400 ZD to fully expand their zoo to the 8th level. Since buying every expansion separately would cost 1,095 ZD, this is a savings of 695 ZD. By reaching level 80, however, these expansions could be achieved at no cost.

Table of Main Zoo ExpansionsEdit

Expansion # Useable Tiles Level Unlocked (Free) Cost
-- 215 1 --
1 259 (+44) 10 5 ZD
2 307 (+48) 20 15 ZD
3 359 (+52) 30 25 ZD
4 415 (+56) 40 50 ZD
5 475 (+60) 50 100 ZD
6 539 (+64) 60 200 ZD
7 607 (+68) 70 300 ZD
8 679 (+72) 80 400 ZD

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