Acquired From Zoo Shop
Level Unlocked 58 L
Habitat Capacity 6 Adults 3 Babies
Stars Star
Attractiveness 40 Att 59 Baby
Cost 15500 PP
Resale (Adult) 1600 PP
Food Type Meat
Feed 1467 Xp 12:00:00 T
Water 1314 Xp 08:00:00 T
Groom 513 Xp 10:00:00 T
Cuddle 15 Xp 00:15:00 T
Medicine 9 units 02:00:00 T
Breeding Attempt 100000 PP 24:00:00 T
Adoption Fee 24 ZD
XP Per Baby 7000 Xp
Resale (Baby) 16000 PP
Jackals are related to dogs. They have long legs and as well-suited for long-distance running. This helps them hunt.

Experience Bonus XPBonusEdit

A +10% experience bonus is applied to jackals s housed in the following habitats:

Attractiveness Bonus AttBonusEdit

A +10% attractiveness bonus is applied to jackals housed in the following habitats:

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