Daily Goals are care-based goals which players can complete for rewards. These goals can be found by clicking the Chores icon on the bottom menu. Each goal consists of one or more tasks involving one or more animal species. A player can have one active goal at a time. A new goal cannot be activated without either completing the active goal or stopping it. Stopped goals cannot be continued and are removed from the agenda.

Every 24 hours, five new goals are generated, and any goals which have not been completed are removed. This also happens when a player achieves a new level. If a goal is active when this change occurs, it remains as the active goal, and will remain until it is completed or stopped.

Tasks may include any animal species available to the player in the Zoo Shop, including animals which cost zoo dollars. Species which are locked in the Zoo Shop are excluded.

Rewards include experience, pet pennies, super feed, power feed, power pills, and combinations of these. If a goal is relatively simple and easily accomplished, it will have a smaller reward than a goal which is more involved.