Pet PenniesEdit

Pet Pennies, commonly abbreviated as PP, are the main currency of ZooMumba. They can be used to purchase nearly everything in the game, including feed, decorations, animals, and buildings.

There are several ways to earn pet pennies:

Zoo DollarsEdit

The Zoo Dollar, commonly abbreviated as ZD, is ZooMumba's premium currency. Zoo Dollars can be purchased for real money, or earned by performing "Cash For Action" offers. There are also limited opportunities where players can earn Zoo Dollars in-game. For example, every level a player achieves after level 11; earns 3 ZD, and the Zoo Band generates one Zoo Dollar per day.

Zoo Dollars are not necessary for the majority of game-play, however, some habitats and animals can only be obtained with zoo dollars. In other situations, zoo dollars help players avoid long waits or lots of clicking: breeding and wait times can be skipped when paying with zoo dollars, and assistants can perform all care tasks instantaneously, with one click.


Pawprints are a "special currency" used to upgrade habitats. Pawprints are earned every time a habitat of animals is fed or medicated. Pawprints can also be earned on the Wheel of Fortune and Safari. There are four possible upgrades which require 50, 500, 5000, and 15000 pawprints, respectively. This is a total of 20,550 pawprints per habitat, although not every habitat can take four upgrades.

There are



A Tool

Tools are a "special currency" used to expand the Secret Zoo. Tools can be won at the Wheel of Fortune or on Safari. The first expansion costs 5 tools and each additional expansion costs five more tools than the previous. There are 13 expansions. A total of 455 tools are required to fully expand the Secret Zoo.

Tools Screen

Tool Explanation Screen

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