Christmas Tree 2011}}
Area 4 Tiles
Availability Christmas
Level Unlocked 1 L
Tree #1
Xmas Tree 00
Resale Value 1,000 PP
Attractiveness 10 Att
Tree #2
Xmas Tree 01
Resale Value 2,000 PP
Attractiveness 15 Att
Tree #3
Xmas Tree 02
Resale Value 3,000 PP
Attractiveness 20 Att
Tree #4
Xmas Tree 03
Resale Value 4,000 PP
Attractiveness 25 Att
Tree #5
Xmas Tree 04
Resale Value 5,000 PP
Attractiveness 30 Att

Oh, Christmas Tree! A beautifully decorated Christmas Tree imparts the joy of winter --- even to your desert animals!


This item could be upgraded five times during the event, each time adding more decorations onto the tree, and each time, increasing the attractiveness and resale value of the tree.

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