Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on February 14th. ZooMumba usually introduces new items or animals during the week of Valentine's Day, and may schedule a special event for that week.

Valentine's Day EventsEdit

Heart CollectionEdit

Kiss your woes away! In many countries, it is believed that it is good luck to kiss a chimney sweep on Valentine's Day.

Reward: Sweetheart Potion or 5,000 Xp

HeartA Rose: The easiest way to win a person's heart is with enchanting fragrances. In addition to chocolate and sweet-smelling perfumes, flowers are most often given away for Valentine's Day.
HeartB Chocolates: The Swiss have a serious sweet tooth. On average, they eat the most chocolate.
HeartC Pucker Up: Facial workout: 34 facial muscles are used during a kiss. An achy face would be a small price to pay!
HeartD Diamond Ring: In ancient Rome, wedding bands were worn on the left ring-finger, because it was believed that the vein within connected directly to the heart.
HeartE Cupid: The swan is the most devoted of all animals. Legend has is there are swans that have fallen madly in love with paddleboats before.

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