Paths are a very important part of every zoo. Zoo visitors can only walk on paths, so all habitats and buildings must be connected to the main path, which connects to the entrance of the zoo, in order to receive their benefits. One path square occupies one plot of zoo space. Paths must be laid down and paid for one square at a time. Once a square of path is laid down in a zoo, it cannot be moved, but it may be removed by selling it.

Paths are a key element to productivity in ZooMumba. Well-planned out paths prevent wasted space, allowing more habitats and therefore more animals to fit into your zoo, increasing the amount of experience you're able to earn.

Connecting to the Main PathEdit

It is possible to build paths which do not connect to the entrance of a zoo, but visitors will not be able to reach these paths, and buildings and habitats on these paths will go unvisited. Most structures in your zoo will not activate their full benefits unless connected via paths to the zoo's entrance: buildings will not earn PP, and habitats will not add attractiveness points. A lightning bolt symbol will appear on structures not connected to the main path.

When habitats are disconnected, animals can still be cared for and experience is still awarded.

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