Garbage Cans can be placed around the zoo to collect trash. In actuality, garbage cans do not prevent trash from generating on paths, but provide an additional place where trash may be generated. They can be purchased under the path tab in the Zoo Shop, and may only be placed on unoccupied path tiles.

Achievement PuzzleEdit

In the achievement puzzles, one puzzle piece involves the number garbage cans in a player's zoo. The number of garbage cans necessary increases with each successive puzzle level:

Puzzle Garbage Cans
Bronze 5
Silver 25
Gold 100
Platinum 200

Halloween Event 2011Edit

During the Halloween Event of 2011, four additional garbage cans were introduced and made available for the duration of the event: the mummy, monster, vampire, and ghost garbage cans. The only difference between these cans and the standard garbage can was their apperance. The cost was the same as the standard garbage can. They are also available during Halloween 2012.

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