includes various foods, water, and medicine, and can be supplied to animals in need. Feed can be purchased in the Zoo Shop, or won from the Wheel of Fortune, or Safari. Over time, animals in habitats will become hungry, thirsty, and could possibly become sick. While neglecting to supply these resources to needy animals does not result in any negative consequences, supplying feed is one of the main ways a player can earn experience points in ZooMumba. Animals stored in the Zoo Depot do not require feed.

Feed (Food)Edit

There are five regular types of feed: Fruit, Grass, Meat, Fish, and Grains. They can be purchased for pet pennies. Every species will only eat one of these types. Two premium types of feed are also available for zoo dollars: Super-Feed and Power-Feed. These feeds are universally accepted - any animal species will eat them. There are currently three different structures which can be bought and placed in the zoo to increase its capacity for storing feed: Storage Crates, the Storehouse, and the Cellar. These structures increase the capacity for every type of feed. Players with a high feed capacity enjoy the benefit of not having to stop at the Zoo Shop to purchase feed as often.


While some animals may eat only meat, and others only grass, all animals drink water. Players will find for this reason, that the number of water units they require far exceeds the number of units necessary for any one type of feed. There are currently three different structures which can be bought and placed in the zoo to increase its capacity for storing water: Water Barrels, the Water Tower, and the Water Pump.


Habitats of animals occasionally get sick. Sick animals remain sick until they have been healed, and cannot be stored in the Zoo Depot until then. There are two cures for healing sick animals: Medicine, and Power Pills. Medicine heals animals over time, while Power Pills cure animals instantly.

Breeding PotionsEdit

Using the Breeding Lab and the Animal Nursery to breed and raise subspecies takes time. The Sweetheart Potion halves breeding time and the Power-Feed (Potion) halves the time it takes to raise a baby animal in the Animal Nursery. These items cannot be used when breeding animals in habitats.

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