Candy Canes
Area 1 Path Tile
Availability Christmas
Level Unlocked 1 L
Candy Canes #1
Candy Canes00
Cost 50 PP
Resale Value 10 PP
Attractiveness 2 Att
Candy Canes #2
Candy Canes01
Cost 100 PP
Resale Value 20 PP
Attractiveness 3 Att
Candy Canes #3
Candy Canes02
Cost 150 PP
Resale Value 30 PP
Attractiveness 5 Att

Sweet, sticky and pretty - whoever gobbles up this decorative treat is sure to get a toothache!


Three different decorations share the name "Candy Canes" and carry the same description, but differ in their appearance, price, resale value and attractiveness.

Info This is a "path-only" decoration. It can only be placed on path squares which are not occupied by other decorations or garbage cans.

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