From the strategist's point of view, buildings do two things: they produce pet pennies and they take up space. Pet pennies are good to have, but space is good to have too. Therefore, the best buildings take up the least amount of space while producing the most pet pennies. All buildings except for the Deluxe Toilet (4 tiles) and both Balloon Stands (2 tiles) occupy only one tile in the zoo. The space requirements are generally identical for buildings, so our focus becomes their profits.

Earnings EfficiencyEdit

Every building type earns a different amount of pet pennies and has a different time interval for producing this amount. By dividing these two values, we get a ratio of pet pennies earned per minute. These ratios are only important if the player is available to harvest pet pennies as soon as they are available, since PP does not accumulate beyond one cycle of earnings.

For example, if a player has a Popcorn Stand which earns 125pp per hour and is available to harvest every hour, over six hours, they will earn 750pp. The Cotton Candy Stand, which earns 250pp every six hours, earns 500pp less in the same time frame. It appears that the Popcorn Stand is a better choice, and in some cases it is, but there are other factors to consider.

Player's Availability For CollectionEdit

It doesn't matter what a building's efficiency number is, if a player isn't there to collect, the pet pennies aren't earned. Players should consider how often they will be available to collect from their buildings. We saw earlier that a dedicated player could expect to get 500pp more from the Popcorn Stand versus the Cotton Candy Stand. If the player was only able to log in to the game once in the morning and once at night, however, they'd earn 500pp from the Cotton Candy Stand, but only 250pp from the Popcorn Stand, giving the Cotton Candy Stand a +250pp advantage.

Building PP T Ratio
Tea House 325 24:00:00 0.277
Pie Palace 400 24:00:00 0.215
Steakhouse 260 10:00:00 0.433
Pancake Stand 275 10:15:00 0.447
Lookout Tower 345 12:00:00 0.479
Shake Shack 320 10:00:00 0.533
Balloon Stand 225 06:30:00 0.577
Souvenir Shop 290 08:00:00 0.604
Kiddie Ride 190 05:00:00 0.633
Audio Tour Booth 200 06:30:00 0.667
Balloon Stand (SE) 270 06:00:00 0.692
CBS News Kiosk 250 06:00:00 0.694
Cotton Candy Stand 250 06:00:00 0.694
SC Almond Stand 190 04:30:00 0.704
Deluxe Toilet 195 04:30:00 0.722
Ice Cream Booth 175 03:45:00 0.778
Building PP T Ratio
Gingerbread House 170 03:30:00 0.810
Pumpkin Juice Shop 200 04:00:00 0.833
Witches' Cauldron 200 04:00:00 0.833
Hot Cocoa Booth 200 04:00:00 0.833
Corn-Dog Stand 155 02:50:00 0.912
Hot Dog Stand 150 02:30:00 1.000
Apple Cider Stand 140 02:15:00 1.037
Candy Shop 135 02:10:00 1.038
Zoo Diner 210 03:00:00 1.167
Pizza Xpress 115 01:30:00 1.278
Toilet 100 01:10:00 1.429
Toy Booth 65 00:45:00 1.444
Beverage Stand 95 01:05:00 1.462
French Fry Booth 80 00:50:00 1.600
Feeding Station 50 00:30:00 1.667
Popcorn Stand 125 01:00:00 2.083

The Best BuildingsEdit

From the table (and the graph below), we can see that the Popcorn Stand is by far the most efficient building, earning 125pp per hour. The downfall of the Popcorn Stand is its cost, 25,000pp, and the fact that it only becomes available at level 30. It is the last building made available to players. In contrast, the second most efficient building, the Feeding Station, is available at level 2 for only 150pp. It is the earliest available building, and earns 50pp every half hour.

Building Graph

It might appear that players should just stick to Feeding Stations, after all, for the cost of one Popcorn Stand, over 160 Feeding Stations could be purchased, and these would earn in excess of 16,000 more than that Popcorn Stand. The advantage of the Popcorn Stand is the space factor. A player has a limited amount of space, and simply put, Popcorn Stands produce more pet pennies than Feeding Stations with the same amount of space.

Farming Pet PenniesEdit

While a zoo can hold both animal habitats and buildings, one strategy is to fill the zoo with Feeding Stations and to collect pet pennies for a period of weeks. Once a player has farmed enough pet pennies to last a while, they remove all buildings, storing them, and fill the zoo with animal habitats to collect as much experience as possible. When the Secret Zoo becomes available, players may choose to designate this space as their "PP Farm."

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