Breeding Lab
Breeding lab
Area 4 Tiles
Level Unlocked 5 L
Cost 1,500 PP
Resale 300 PP

Put the breeding lab in your main zoo or in your secret zoo in order to breed rare animals.

The Breeding Lab is a building which allows players to breed various subspecies of animals from either basic animals or other subspecies. Players must use space in their zoo to house the lab. Choosing to breed animals in the Breeding Lab can produce different results from breeding animals in a habitat (for breeding in a habitat, see Habitat Breeding.

Using The LabEdit

Players first select an animal type to breed, for example, Zebras, or Parrots. A male and a female of that species must be selected for breeding from the Zoo Depot. If a player doesn't have a male or female, or has neither, they can elect to buy the animals needed, but only the base species is available for purchase. Subspecies may be bred in any combination, but the highest subspecies can not be bred. For more comprehensive information on subspecies, see Category:Subspecies.

Once a breeding pair has been selected, players can choose to increase the probability of getting a more exotic subspecies (a higher degree subspecies) by providing up to three items for the breeding pair. Currently, Super Feed, Power Feed, Power Pills, and any of the collection items of that species are available as choices. Each item has a rating of one to three hearts, with items rated at three hearts being the most effective at promoting a more exotic outcome.

The final step is to begin breeding. Breeding costs pet pennies, and the animals and items chosen are consumed in the process and are not returned to the player. Breeding in the lab takes a set amount time, typically a few hours, depending on species. After breeding has begun, at any time, players can choose to apply a Sweetheart Potion, which halves the remaining breeding time. When a baby is produced, it is sent to the Zoo Depot, and can either be placed in a habitat or taken to the Animal Nursery to be raised into an adult.