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Acquired From 1st Anniversary Event, WOF
Level Unlocked 1 L
Habitat Capacity 2 Adults 1 Baby
Stars Star
Attractiveness 45 Att 68 Baby
Cost 300 Balloons
Resale (Adult) 1,500 PP
Food Type Fruit
Feed 765 Xp  ?? T
Water 765 Xp  ?? T
Groom 135 Xp  ?? T
Cuddle 15 Xp  ?? T
Medicine 3 units Unknown T
Breeding Attempt 75,000 PP 24:00:00 T
Adoption Fee 42 ZD
XP Per Baby 4,300 Xp
Resale (Baby) 15,000 PP

Many people believe that this big shy creature died out many, many years ago. Prove them wrong, show them that bigfoot really does exist!

Experience Bonus XPBonusEdit

A +10% experience bonus is applied to bigfoot who are housed in the following habitats:

Meadow · Cliffs · Tundra · Snow · Halloween · Christmas · Romantic · Easter · Birthday · Winter Wonders

Attractiveness Bonus AttBonusEdit

A +10% attractiveness bonus is applied to bigfoot who are housed in the following habitats:

Water · Ice · Desert · Wasteland · Terrarium · Crypt

Easter EggEdit

A bigfoot placed in the Snow Habitat gets white hair, appearing as a yeti! The yeti is still actually a bigfoot, with no differences other than appearance.


Yeti (Bigfoot)

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