The serene atmosphere of the shady bamboo grove makes animals feel right at home. The best part of this habitat is that you'll receive even more experience when you take care of your animals than normal.


Reward: 1 Buddha Statue or 1 Bamboo.

Description: Bamboo makes up 99% of the giant panda's diet and can be found primarily in Asia.

Bamboo Wings: A lightweight, flexible, and strong material, bamboo can be used to make wings, allowing humans to fly to incredible heights.
Bamboo Stick: Giant bamboo is the largest member of the grass family.
Gong: Suspended gongs like this one make lovely decorations for bamboo gardens and help inspire deep meditation.
Asian Statue: A bamboo garden can also be spruced up with Asian-style statues.
Paper Lantern: Hanging a paper lantern in your bamboo garden is a lovely way to light it up at night.