Animal Nursery
Animal Nursery
Area 4 Tiles
Level Unlocked 5 L
Cost 1,500 PP
Resale 300 PP

Put the animal nursery in your main zoo or secret zoo in order to let your babies grow up in a nurturing environment.

The Animal Nursery is a structure which offers the option of raising babies which have been bred in the Breeding Lab into adult animals. The Animal Nursery must be placed within a player's zoo.

There is no chance of losing the animal being raised, and the subspecies of the baby will remain the same for the resulting adult. The gender of the adult produced is random and cannot be controlled.

Raising a baby can be paid for with either pet pennies or zoo dollars. When paying with pet pennies, a waiting period which is specific to each animal type must elapse before the adult animal is ready. By paying with zoo dollars, the baby is raised immediately. Paying with zoo dollars can be done at any time, even after a player has paid with pet pennies.

Additionally, players may purchase and apply Concentrated Feed to babies who are being raised. This item has the effect of cutting the raising time in half every time it is used.

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