ZooMumba staged an Advent Calendar Event from December 1st, 2011 to December 24th, 2011, for the holiday season. Either in the game's forum, on Twitter, or on Facebook, ZooMumba released one bonus code every day for the 24 days preceding Christmas. Players were not told which venue would feature the bonus code that day, and had to visit each to find which had the code. Each code was valid for 24 hours.

Codes & RewardsEdit

Day Bonus Code Reward
1 happypawprints 500x Pawprints
2 healforfree 200x Medicine
3 xpforyou 10,000 XP
4 givememeat 200x Meat
5 winterdeco 1x Cypress Tree
6 christmasshop Gingerbread House
7 givemegrass 200x Grass
8 forsuperanimals 2x Super Feed
9 givemefish 200x Fish
10 santasreindeer 1x Female Reindeer
11 zoopawprintboost +30% Paw Print Boost 1 Hour
12 winterppbonus 1,500 Pet Pennies
13 givemefruits 200x Fruit
14 forbiggerzoo 3x Tools
15 2zdfor1spin 2 ZD (Price of one WOF Spin)
16 givemegrain 200x Grain
17 animalpower 2x Power Feed
18 zooxpboost +30% XP Boost 1 Hour
19 punchforvisitors 1x Fruit Punch Stand
20 givemewater 200x Water
21 winterflair 1x Snow Habitat
22 healthyanimals 2x Power Pills
23 christmaspresent 1x Male Bald Eagle
24 merryzoochristmas 6 Assistants 6 Hours